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WO Graduation Assignment: Comparison and implementation of on-board diagnostic methods in Eindhoven

... As a control function engineer you will work on a graduation assignment to improve our diagnostic method portfolio. A heavy-duty engine requires On-Board diagnostics to monitor for...



As a control function engineer you will work on a graduation assignment to improve our diagnostic method portfolio. A heavy-duty engine requires On-Board diagnostics to monitor for emissions related failure modes. With a short lead time in engine development projects, it is challenging to design a diagnostic that can detect and pinpoint failures, while being robust in all possible conditions. One can think of part-to-part variation, the different driveline configurations, application, mileage, ambient/environmental conditions and so on. Physical models can be developed early and result in a long verification time, but these models are sensitive for unmodelled dynamics/phenomena. Data driven methods, for example statistical classification models or neural networks, can sometimes better cover systems that are difficult to model, but these models require a large amount of good data that is only available at a later stage when the system is mature.

The goal of this assignment is an in-depth investigation on: - Diagnostic methods - what is current state-of-the art and being used in the industry and are they suitable for our product - Consideration and comparison of the relevant methods, for example: - Effort and activities needed to get a robust diagnostic - Where this effort is concentrated with respect to the project phase - Robustness to system/ performance changes - Flexibility to update/ tweak diagnostics at a late stage - Possibility to reduce sensitivity on current sensors - How the lead time can be improved. In general, we want to maximize verification time and minimization iterations. For example: - By using simulation/synthetic/ enhanced data - Methods to reduce the risk of overfitting, etc. The thesis (could) consist of: - Literature study on diagnostic methods - Define which methods are best suited for our product, for example: Physical modeling, Kalman filtering, machine learning methods etc. - Considerations when choosing a specific method - Work out and compare implementation on one or multiple system diagnostics creating a clear overview of various diagnostic methods - Possibly verify diagnostic functionality with a Rapid-Control-Prototyping (RCP) implementation on an engine/aftertreatment/vehicle and demonstrate the diagnostic - Report and present results As a student you will report to our student mentor within the team.

Jouw profiel

• Master degree student in a relevant area, preferably Automotive / dynamics and controls
• Extensive knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink
• Good statistical knowledge
• Experience with heavy duty diesel engine or after treatment development is a pre
• Excellent English skills both verbally and in writing and Dutch skills are preferred


Within PACCAR Inc., DAF Trucks Global Engine Development is the center of competence for engine and aftertreatment development. In our state-of-art engine development center we develop engine families for future regulations, for DAF, Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. Our engines and trucks are best-in-class products in the transportation world, being always driven by providing environmentally friendly products with highest reliability and best cost-effectiveness for our customers. The Engine Integration & Validation department is responsible for definition, integration, verification, and validation of engine and after treatment families towards performance requirements. The department is split into 8 groups and the System Function Design group holds a vacancy for a graduation project.

Wij bieden

  • A view behind the scenes at a large international corporation;
  • You will get a lot of freedom and responsibility. We are open to your initiatives and depending on the assignment you see your results back in the workplace;
  • An experienced coach and supervisor who can teach you a lot and is willing to help you with your assignment;
  • After your graduation, you will have the opportunity to start your career at DAF;
  • An internship wage of  € 450,- (WO) per month on full-time base
  • A travel allowance, if you don’t have a student travel product (provided by the Dutch government);
  • A housing allowance, if you temporarily rent a room near DAF.
  • Each intern will have the opportunity to participate at the . During this event you will meet other interns and find out more about DAF/PACCAR!
  • Would you like to know more about the experiences of other students?  you can read stories of our former interns.

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