Feed specifications - Version 2


On this page we specify the requirements for xml feeds that we import. Please make sure the feed will include at least all of the mandatory fields as described here.

Sample feed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <title>Meeloopstage bij YoungCapital NEXT voor een te gekke ervaring</title>
    <responsibilities>Ondersteunen van de recruitment afdeling</responsibilities>
      <postalcode>5611 AM</postalcode>
        <![CDATA[Wil je een onvergetelijke stage lopen in de recruitment bij een jonge organisatie? Vind je het belangrijk dat je komt te werken binnen een leuk team waar je alle ruimte krijgt om elk aspect van de recruitment te ontdekken en waar je eigen inbreng en ideeën worden gewaardeerd? Stop met zoeken, YoungCapital NEXT bied je deze kans! ]]>
    <title>Sales Praktikum bei StudentJob in Amsterdam</title>
        <![CDATA[StudentJob International ist der Nummer 1 Kick-Starter in der Personalbranche und Teil von YoungCapital, der Spezialist für die Vermittlung von jungen Talenten. Durch ein umfangreiches Online-Netzwerk sind wir in Kontakt mit mehr als 5 Millionen jungen Talenten in ganz Europa. Wir bringen ambitionierte Studenten und Young Professionals in Kontakt mit Top-Arbeitgebern. Zur Zeit suchen wir nach einem/r StudentIn, der/die fúr ein halbes Jahr ein Praktikum in unserem Headquarter in Hoofddorp (in der Nähe von Amsterdam) absolvieren möchte.]]>


With our job openings we are trying to comply with the standard defined by schema.org, JobPosting, by doing this we are easier and better discoverable in google. With the new vacancy search system build by Google and already available in the US there are some extra requirements coming from Google as well with which we try to comply as much as possible.


The XSD for the xml can be found here: XSD


<id>, Mandatory
The id in your own system, we use this to identify your job opening in our system. This must be unique per job opening.
<url>, Mandatory
An url we can use to redirect the candidates to when they want to apply. Must be a string of at most 255 characters.
<title>, Mandatory
The title of the job opening. Must be a string of at most 255 characters.
The name of the function, for example: Account Manager. Must be a string of at most 35 characters and cannot contain ! or ?.
The main responsibility of this vacancy, for example: Responsible for operational tasks. Must be a string of at most 255 characters and cannot contain ! or ?.
<location>, Mandatory
Either nationwide is present here, or city and postalcode combination.
<nationwide>, Mandatory
Flag indicating that this is a nationwide job opening. Must be a boolean.
<city>, Mandatory
This city where this vacancy is taking place. Must be a string of at most 255 characters. The postalcode and the city should match for best vacancy experience!
<postalcode>, Mandatory
This contains the postalcode of this vacancy. Must be a string and a valid postalcode.
<description>, Mandatory
<summary>, Mandatory
A small introduction text for the job opening. This will be shown on the search results page of the job openings. Must be a string of at most 65535 characters.
<long_description>, Mandatory
Describe the function, what you offer to the candidate, what you request from the candidate, and possibly some extra info.
The hours per week the candidate will be working. Please keep this in line with <job_types> you chose.
Minimum amount of work hours
Maximum amount of work hours.
<job_types>, Mandatory
List of <job_type> elements which contains the job type that are associated with this vacancy. At most one specified per <job_type> element. Possible values are:
  • graduation_internship
  • internship
  • work_from_home
<functions>, Mandatory
List of <function> elements which contains the function that are associated with this vacancy. There should be at least 1 function specified and at most 2.
<reference>, Mandatory
The reference of the function
<professions>, Mandatory
List of <profession> elements which contains the profession that are associated with this vacancy. At most one specified per <profession> element. The profession is a sub specification of the function. There should be at least 1 and at most 2 professions specified.
Possible values for Function and Professions are:
  • administratieve-stage
    • administratieve-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-administratief-medewerker
    • vacatures-backoffice-medewerker
  • marketing-communicatie-stage
    • marketing-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-communicatiemedewerker
    • vacatures-webredacteur
    • vacatures-marketing-medewerker
  • accountancy-stage
    • financiele-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-finance-trainee
    • vacatures-financieel-adviseur
    • vacatures-financieel-medewerker
  • horeca-stage
    • horeca-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-cateringmedewerker
    • vacatures-horeca-medewerker
  • ict-stage
    • ict-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-app-developer
    • vacatures-c-net-developer
    • vacatures-front-end-developer
    • vacatures-it-trainee
    • vacatures-java-developer
    • vacatures-php-developer
    • vacatures-ruby-developer
    • vacatures-software-developer
    • vacatures-systeembeheerder
  • juridische-stage
    • juridische-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-juridisch-medewerker
  • management-stage
    • management-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-bedrijfsleider
    • vacatures-hr-manager
    • vacatures-vestigingsmanager
    • vacatures-salesmanager
    • vacatures-teamleider
    • vacatures-supervisor
    • vacatures-operationeel-manager
    • vacatures-projectmanager
  • online-marketing-stage
    • online-Marketing-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-online-marketeer
    • vacatures-seo-specialist
  • hr-stage
    • hr-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-hr-medewerker
    • vacatures-recruiter
    • vacatures-salarisadministrateur
  • toerisme-stage
    • toerisme-vacatures-catchall
  • secretaresse-stage
    • secretariele-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-receptioniste
    • vacatures-secretaresse
    • vacatures-telefoniste
  • logistieke-stage
    • logistieke-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-bijrijder
    • vacatures-chauffeur
    • vacatures-heftruckchauffeur
    • vacatures-koerier
    • vacatures-logistiek-medewerker
    • vacatures-magazijnmedewerker
    • vacatures-pakketbezorger
    • vacatures-postbezorger
    • vacatures-reachtruckchauffeur
    • vacatures-orderpicker
    • vacatures-transportplanner
    • vacatures-eindcontroleur
    • vacatures-expeditiemedewerker
  • zorg-stage
    • zorg-vacatures-catchall
    • vacatures-verpleegkundige
    • vacatures-thuiszorg
    • vacatures-huishoudelijke-hulp
<education_types>, Mandatory
List of <education_type> elements which contains the education type that are associated with this vacancy. At most one specified per <education_type> element. Possible values are:
  • hbo
  • mbo
  • middelbare school
  • universiteit
List of <language> elements which contains the languages that are required for this vacancy. Possible values are:
  • arabic
  • chinese
  • danish
  • german
  • english
  • finnish
  • french
  • frisian
  • greek
  • hebrew
  • italian
  • japanese
  • korean
  • latin
  • dutch
  • norwegian
  • other
  • polish
  • portuguese
  • russian
  • spanish
  • taiwanese
  • czech
  • turkish
  • flemish
  • swedish
The salary that will be paid for this vacancy.
Possible currencies: €, £, SEK, CHF
<min>, Mandatory if you wish to add salary
The minimum salary for this vacancy.
The maximum salary for this vacancy.
The rate at which the amounts are considered: per hour, per week, per month, per year
A flag that says if the candidate is required to have a drivers license. Must be a boolean.